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Digistamps by doodlesnap designs 

Hello and welcome to my new venture.  
My name is Tracy, and i live in Lincoln,England. I like to doodle when i get the urge;so i decided to share these in my new adventure.

please be patient whilst this site is under construction
Please be patient with me as i have only a few images to start off with ,that put together with the fact i have never done anything like this before -only my blog which i started about  a year ago.[so a bit of a blog virgin compared to some]
I hope you will enjoy what i have done so far -and i would love to here your comments
All images will have a security strike through on image viewd but image will be emailed to you in a zip folder without this mark
This will be of some the digis you will find

background essentials- rocks ,stones, walls,doors

nature/fantasy- mushrooms,bugs

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